Sunday, July 03, 2011

Yesterday and today

Grilled lamb anyone? I'm full with that last night. Kind of crazy. This is I called birthday party. My junior invited me to his relative's house. Just nearby. Kepayan Ridge. Anyway, thanks for the food. It's so yummy. Totally full of it.

Beside that, cupcakes, cakes, fries, chicken wings, and prawns among dishes we did try. Also, we make sure that we enjoy it until the end of time.

Next time, just called my name and I will be there. I like to eat. Thanks God. And today, I will date with someone. Yeah. You want to know? Or I let you all take some of your time to guess. After done with date, maybe I will go to Centrepoint. Biscuits, drinks and so on.

I guess that's all for today. MAYBE. It's time to get ready. Adios~


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