Friday, July 29, 2011

Love them

Family comes first. Whatever you do, please love your parents. Without them, we are nothing in this world. Give us shelter, cloths, loves, proper education so that we can live happily in this world. I know, our mother and father must had been scolding us but it is for our own good.

Which parents didn't love their children? None. Some parents able to stay hunger while working as long as their children get proper meal at home. Willing not to buy a new cloths for themselves so that their children got new cloths. Borrowing money from other people as long as their children got money to the school? But do you really appreciate it? 

Our parents really sacrificed everything. Everything for their beloved children. Even meant to scratch their own dignity.  Do you all really think about this? Love and take care of them. They really need you love and kindness.


Ben7_Legacy said...

God comes 1st, Family comes 2nd hehe

Mixhedryanson said...

God always in my heart ben...

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