Friday, July 08, 2011

Welcoming Juniors

Hello. It's already 12.50 in the morning. Quite late I think. We did do something common. That is welcoming our junior in this college. I'm glad that I have a friendly junior. We all had fun with the activities even though it was simple and focus the matter that become our hot topic. Here are some of the picture that I had captured.

Thanks to juniors because coming to our simple welcoming junior. Even though a lot of seniors were not around the college. Some of them were busy with camping, practicum and seminar. I hope that our juniors enjoy with the college life and become a good teacher in the future.


Aki said...

ahhhh.. kiut n sexay oh junior ko Mix.. kirim salam sma drg ah Mix.. ^_^.v.. jangan ko kasi nangis durang lagi macam yang hari rabu tu ah.. ^_^.v..

Mixhedryanson said...

hahaha.. tidak juga saya jahat ba kasih nangis org..

Aki said...

hahahaha.. :-p.. Kirim slam tu baju oren ah.. adorable o muka dia.. chubby lagi tu.. Mix,ko di Matrix ba kan??

Mixhedryanson said...

matrix? saya d maktab perguruan bah.. ko la sndri p kirim slm..

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