Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A lane and 10 pins

Bowling? Do I like to bowl? I don't know actually how to bowl. Just pick it up and straight away throw it. I guess it worthy. Maybe. Even though I don't know how to play at least I manage to get 100+ score for each game. But my hand hurt. Injured.

This is the result for group and individual event:

GROUP A (Jay, Jazul, mix, pojie)
1st game: 402
2nd game: 462
3rd game: 515

GROUP B (mitch, sern, clly, joe)
1st game: 313
2nd game: 396
3rd game: 468


1st: Mohamad Fauzi Ahmad (440)
2nd: Mixhedryanson Reagen (416)
3rd: Clly Gulimit (354)
4th: Hallsen Justin (332)
5th: Joe Mey (312)
6th: Jeremy J. Bernard (265)
7th: Jazulfadli Jamaludin (258)
8th: Mitchell Emannuel (179).

I'm so satisfied. Manage to get second place. I wonder. Is it a luck or my ability? I guess it's luck. I'm such a lucky person. I don't think so. *Laughing*


Fadzmie Mohamad said...

Aiya ging. Kalau 100++ each game, tu bukan luck sudah tu namanya. Tu ability sudah. Saya mau cecah 100 pun macam mau menangis oh. Bikin sakit jari. Hahahaha.

Mixhedryanson said...

Nasib saja tu. Mana tau lain kali tidak pun sampai 100. Gembira jugalah.

Cinoi Lavigne said...

Jomm. Saya ada bola bowling. Last main time U. lepas U main2 jakk ada laa. Rindu plakk ni.

Mixhedryanson said...

Lagilah mantap.. sampai ada bola sndri..

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