Monday, July 18, 2011

Story of Mimpian Jadi

I'm really exhausted. I wonder why? Handling pupils in resort kind of tiring activities. Not enough sleep maybe. More on motivating pupils and giving them time to release their tension. I hope that this pupils can score 5 A's in UPSR. BBQ section was the sweetest moment ever because I can ate as many as I can.

It's was hot in Mimpian Jadi Resort. I think this is the cheapest resort I ever knew. RM100 per room. Totally enjoyable. But the sea seems like too dangerous. We did play soccer with the boys while the girls were playing volleyball.

The dinner was great. Chicken curry, sweat and sour fish, vegetable, fruits and plain water. Simple but mouth watering (Is it correct?). I guess it was fun after all. No regret. Even thought too many mosquitoes. Grilling chicken, fish, potatoes and sausages. The best part ever. Eat, eat and eat.

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Grilled fish


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