Thursday, July 21, 2011

One goal

I wonder. Since when I did fall in love with futsal. Keep on wondering. I guess I can't answer it right now. Moreover we did played futsal last night. And I did score one goal. It's rare for me to score a goal. Too defensive maybe.

Last night game tested our stamina because there is no reserve. It's crazy. That's why I felt so tired. But luckily I manage to survive till the end of the game. I'm happy with that.

Tomorrow, we will playing again. I don't want to play actually because I need to meet my mother. But my friend insist plus force me to play. Dilemma. Family or friend. But family come first I think.


Ben7_Legacy said...

Haha gud luck tommorow mix. bisuk sy balik hahah

mia asma mohd zuki said...

waa.. i'm jealous with you ! da lama asma ta maen futsal . bz sangat . lau ada peluang mmg hari2 maen taw !

Fadzmie Mohamad said...

Bah, boleh friendly sama2 sudah ni ging. Haha.

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