Saturday, June 04, 2011

A day of rock

Hello guys. I just want to conclude my schedule for today. It was tiresome. From morning to night. From Tuaran to Kota Kinabalu. It's a silly job or thing to do.

Early in the morning, I need to help my fellow friend at his house for 40 days kenduri. Helping him to arrange the sitting arrangement, serving foods, clean up the mess and lastly rearrange it back to normal. It's food were marvelous. Tom yam Seafood. Butter chicken. Vegetable. Pecal. Not to forget, there is two types of curry, chicken and goat. I can have all accept the goat. Maybe because of the smell or it's too hot to have it as a lunch. Or maybe I don't like GOAT.

Afternoon. After clear all the task, we went to 1 Borneo. Enjoy ourselves by singing. Only 5 of us but still can make havoc. Mostly rock so that we can shout until our voice running out. CRAZY thing to do. Then, having a Big Apple as our consolation prize. Too sweet. I need water.

Night. We all went to Tanjung Aru 2nd Beach. We had our dinner there. All of us taking the same menu that is chicken rice. Simple and fast. MAYBE. But the service at this place was bad. One of my member got his drink after he finish all his food. They want to kill someone I think.

Then we went around Kota Kinabalu before heading back to our final destination. That is home. Home sweet home. Just enjoy our night by driving slowly.  Finally arrived at home and now sitting in front of my laptop.


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