Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rain's drop

It's been a long time not playing with the rain. Totally soak and nice. I like it. But suddenly I body feel so cold and I think that I will be sick soon.

Why I like raining time? Only one think can be related. That is sleeping. But right now I'm too busy to have a sleep in afternoon. I need to spend some time with children. Teach them to be better person. Not only that, sleeping make me sleepless at night. I can't have my sleep. Too much sleep I think.

Right now, with the rain outside, I enjoyed my meal that fried rice and a cup of milo. It was nice. Just simple. But it keeps your stomach full. More important than important. But the cloud still crying. When will it stop? Nobody know. The breeze from outside makes me feel better.

Credit to Raindrops for this lovely photo.


CinoiLavigne said...

MAsa tggal d hostel time sek menengah dulu slalu main hujann said...

Kadang aku nda suka hujan atau tanda2 hujan mau turun sebab ia akan menyebabkan baju2 ku nda cukup kering, hua3. Kalau ada mesin basuh, okay lah juga..

Tapi masa di asrama dulu, masa hujan = masa paling nikmat.. Selain ramai2 dengan geng2 p kantin makan sup + pisang goreng, tidur salah satunya... XD

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