Monday, June 06, 2011

Quest of Mount Kinabalu

Oh my God. Next week I will be climbing Mount Kinabalu but all of the equipment that I need still not ready yet. What I'm thinking right now is just buy the bundle things. So that I can save a lot of money. Once in a blue moon. It's not every year you will climb mountain.

Moreover, I don't have any proper training. Busy with my schedule of life. Hopefully I can reach it without any obstacle. May God bless us all. I'm off. Too the bundle shop. Suggestion from the net. Some of those are needed but better follow the suggestion. Safety first. No specialised mountaineering equipment is required. You will, however, need:

Comfortable walking boots that you have worn before.
Warm clothing. Although the weather will be literally tropical at the base of the mountain, it could be cold, windy and raining, or all three, at the top. This means you should take a waterproof and windproof jacket, and a fleece or similar. A pair of gloves and a woolly hat or balaclava could also be handy. If you begin the walk in shorts don't forget to put a pair of trousers in your rucksack.

Sunscreen and a cap. You're in the tropics, after all...

A water bottle. 1.5 litres would be ideal. Take water purification tablets if you normally drink a lot - that way you can fill up from the numerous taps along the route.

A torch, preferably a head torch.

Some chocolate or other high energy food. If you're going with an organised group they will probably give you some sandwiches and fruit, but check before you head off.
Camera and film. There are some fantastic views if it is not misty.

A walking pole or two (preferably telescopic) particularly if you have dodgy knees.

Finally, someone in your group should have a basic mountain first aid kit. The guides may have one - but they may not.

Wish me luck.


PK said...

i already touch the mountain peak few years back. damn cold up there especially when u stay overnight at laban rata. sejok yg buat gua tidak bleh tido. tido pakai kasut.

but still, its a memorable momment dowwww.

Fuze said...

It's my turn. Yeah.. tunggu dan lihat..

Anne Nurain said...

wahh best ny...
aku xtau bila bru dpt nek gunung kinabalu ni..

Fuze said...

jangan lepaskan peluang sebagai org sabah..

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