Friday, June 03, 2011

Love changes people


I think I have killed my irritation towards her.
Oh my God.
Does it mean I'm falling for her?
I guess so.
But I don't want to love her yet.
I know she's just going to hurt me...
In the same way that she hurt all of you.

You know…
People like me have to live by my own rules.
But, if I fall in love and let her into my heart.
Then, I'll have to live by her rules.
I have to give up control over my life for her.
Love changes people too much.
Until there is nothing left of the person I used to be.

I think I already know what to do.
But it is wrong, isn't it?
It's wrong to love her?

What if I don't like myself in the first place?
Maybe love is a good kind of change.
What's not to like?
She will try to change me...
When she should just accept me for who you are.

First, it's the little things.
My peer, my clothes, my friends.
Then she tells me that it's still not enough.
Maybe there is no freedom in love.



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