Sunday, June 05, 2011

I'm cooking

It's lunch time. Simple menu for today. I did cook it for myself. Only my grandmother, grandfather and I left at home. I'm worried to let them alone at home. So, I did sacrificed my Sunday. Hopefully my brother come back early.

What I have for lunch? Like I said earlier. Simple. Fried eggs and fish. Plain rice. Last but not least soy sauce.

 Eggs mixed with onion


I'm lazy to cook. That's the best I can do if I don't have a mood to cook. Really extra simple. But still can be eaten. As long as my stomach full, I'm happy. That's more important.


Aki said...

sa guring telur ja.. senang.. Hahaha..

Fuze said...

sama la bha.. sedap juga tu..

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