Sunday, June 26, 2011

Giant burger

Last night I did eat something. Something that big.  Big enough to make me scared. It's a burger. Giant burger stall at Tanjung Aru Plaza. Burger with black pepper sauce. Nice to see nice eat.

We did order 2 burgers. Chicken and Mutton. But you need to wait for a long time because the stall were busy with other costumer orders. Famous I think. As long as we can eat. It's fine with me. After taking some times, my stomach were full. Can't be stuffed anymore.

Next time we will go again. Want to follow us? I just want to enjoy my precious moment in college. After this, there is no college life. Only school life.


Mohd.Rusman Usman said...

wow...giant burger....!!! haven't eat any... ^_^

Aemy Shamy said...

haven't got a chance to eat it tempting oh those photos. ^^

Amiirah-Cassan said...

pergh, sedap ni !

Mixhedryanson said...


Fadzmie Mohamad said...

Selalu saya makan satu sana, satu lagi tapau bawa pulang. Terlampau sedap kan sampai saya tidak sedar yang saiz dia already big, which is no need to tapau already kalau suda makan sana. Haha.

Mixhedryanson said...

hahaha.. sampai terduduk kenyang..

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