Friday, June 03, 2011

My Brother's Wedding

It's been a long time that I didn't post anything about my life. Currently I'm busy with something. It's a secret. Anyway, what I want to tell you that my brother married on last Monday.

Simple wedding ceremony. White and blue as the theme. Modern and traditional wedding mixed up together. I'm glad that he already advance in his life. When will I married? I don't know. Maybe later. I need to build my career first. Buy new house.

I'm a photographer when the wedding occur. And it's was really hot at that time. Without any clouds. One of my classmate did come. Clly Gulimit, thanks for coming and sleep at my house. I told you already. It's a simple wedding.

But still crowded. Relatives and friends did come and enjoy themselves. Among the relatives, some of them I didn't recognize. It's like family gathering.


Aemy Shamy said...

Kadazan wedding wasn't it? Waa..been a long time I didn't go to Kadazan wedding. Great. Nice dresses. Congrats to your brother ^^

Fuze said...

It's Dusun wedding. Dusun Lotud.

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