Friday, June 03, 2011

A day for teachers

Oh my God. This event already past. But I still want to write something about it. It's about Teacher's Day. Simple celebration but meaningful. It's a day for teachers. Choir, poem reciting, dancing and gift distribution to all lecturers.

Hey, not to forget that we did ordered a Cheese cake. Cheese cake for lecturers. It was nice to have cheese cake. Also, I love cheese cake.

Flowers for everyone. Pink and purple. Is it a good combination? Even though it is not a real flower at least they can kept it. A cup will come together with this flower. Come in package.

Look at their happy face. As long they are happy, we also happy. Thanks to them, sooner or later we as trainee will achieve our first Degree of Teaching in life. Next year, we will be celebrated by pupils. Yeah!


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