Saturday, December 03, 2011

Sometimes you have to let go

As the quote says, not all the things will meant for you. NOT everything. When someone comes into your life, God sent them for a reason. Either to learn from them, or to be be with them until the end. Expect the unexpected. That's the way of life should be.

Sometimes even though we feel like we have great plans for our lives with the people that we have in them now, not knowing that God has much bigger plans for us which may not necessarily include the people that are in them now. In order for us to continue in life sometimes we must allow some of our plans including those that we are involved with fall, in order to learn how to become stronger individuals by learning how to be willing to let go.

Not everything in life including our relationships will be something that we will be able to hold on to forever, and this is something that we have to learn to be able to grow and build throughout our whole lifetime. Some people will come in your life, just to teach you how to let go, don't resist, it isn't always about giving up, sometimes it's about learning how to move on.


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