Monday, December 19, 2011

Some people feel the rain, others just get wet

"Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet."

A wise man once said that life is not about those who learn how to cope with the rainy days in their lives, but is instead about how people are willing to learn how to dance in the rain. Life is about learning to feel the rain, learning how to make what many may view in a negative light in a positive manner. In order to do this we have to train our minds to think as positively as possible.

We have to be able to take the challenges that life throws at us and turn them into steps in order to best conquer our futures. We have to be willing to not only get wet from going and working hard in our lives, but we must also learn how to enjoy the feelings of being challenged in our lives. Don't just get wet; enjoy the times in which you are challenged in life, so that you may better appreciate the times when life is peaceful.
Through the days ahead
I think of days before
You made me hope for something better
And made me reach for something more


ahsfantasy24 said...

Comel header tu, cute !
Semga hari ini lebih baik daripada
hari-hari yang sebelumnya :)

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f a t i m a H a k i m said...

salam ukhwah..
i do dance in the rain..
love it indeed..
1 of my fav therapy..
whenever i need 2 wash away all my pain..
RAIN helps me a lot..BIG TIME..

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