Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good or bad news?

Is it good news or bad news? I wonder. I glad that our Minister took seriously about our posting. I hope this matter will be settle as soon as possible. Right now, only two things still in my mind that is SPP's interview and posting.

Getting bored. Nothing to do at home. One question: Am I ready to go to school and teach? Seriously, I'm not ready and not well-prepared in term of physical and mental. Suddenly, something come out and where will I be posted? Questions keeps on coming and I don't really know how to answer it.

Things getting complicated. It's life after all. Just go with the flow and you will be okay. Do you think so? Just wait and see.


Cherrie.Mia said...

Just go with the flow. Don't worry so much.things will be ok.

Mixhedryanson said...

Thanks. I hope it will be okay.

Tc. Kichy :D said...

u gonna be an amazing teacher! everything will be just fine. Good luck, Senior! :p

Mixhedryanson said...

Thanks Junior. All the best with your study.

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