Friday, December 09, 2011

Tomorrow may never come

"Live for today, because yesterday is over and tomorrow may never come."

Living for today is one of the most important life lessons that we must all be able to understand in order to make it in our lives. In order to live for today we have to be willing to not worry about the failures of yesterday, we must be willing to let go of the mistakes we made, and the people who are no longer a part of our lives presently. We must not commit the same mistakes that we made in our pasts and we must learn from the failures of it, so that we may be more victorious throughout our lifetime.

Living for today requires us to take great interest, and great care in every single thing that we do on a daily basis. Experiencing as much as life as we possibly can will allow us to live our days out to the fullest extent, because we never know if tomorrow will ever come.


ahsfantasy24 said...

Orang yang tak pernah gagal
adalah orang yang tak pernah mencuba :)

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