Monday, December 12, 2011

Learning to trust again

"It's hard to trust someone the second time around after they already gave you one reason not to trust them."

Surrendering your circumstances to Him and trust completely in the fact that He has everything in control and He will carry you. He loves you too much to harm your trust. Trust in the One who is wholly incapable of leaving you.

When we decide to trust someone after they were dishonest or disloyal to us the first time around, we are choosing to put our heart into someone's hands with whom we know is capable of hurting us again. With this being said, knowing that they may be able to hurt you again is not what should be focused on. Instead after a thorough reconciliation and grieving period we have to be willing to get past the past in order to grow the relationship.

Entering into a relationship with someone who has already hurt you may be harder for some, and easier for some, depending upon their tolerance for pain, and how forgiving of a heart they have, but make no mistake about it, it will definitely be an uphill battle. Just remember that your heart is special, and if someone wants to be in your life after hurting you once before then they need to earn this spot back into your life.


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