Saturday, May 14, 2011

Welcome to my world...

A journey of life begins with a single step

Remember the old days when everyone was happy?
we all used to smile and get along so well.
no screaming or fighting.
no anger or pain.
just laughter and giggles everywhere that you looked.
i was daddy's little boy.
shining brightly he was so proud.
he used to pick me up high to the sky and tell me that i was that twinkle in his eye.
i wouldn't have changed those days one bit,they were priceless.
now id trade anything to get them back.
everything is different now.
anyone can see it from afar.
glances lead to stares and then come the suspicions.
the whispers from turned heads and the questions from friends and cops.
running away and hiding in fear.
but now I'm back to square one.
this is my life.
it's one hell of a long ride.


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