Saturday, May 14, 2011

Still loving you

And, in the sound of a falling star is joy and sadness uniting love.

You know, love choose no one.
Everybody is stupid in love.
Would you believe it?

If I won't be able to reply with your text..
that means I ran out of load.
Don't get too sensitive.
Don't miss me too much, okay?

Love is blind?
No, this is different.
This is like destiny.
I don't want to regret the opportunities.

Do you love me?
Why I'm asking like that?
Because I love you.
Why are you crying?
Please don't mad at me..
I was just asking.

I know how much you love me..
and I thank you for that.
No one has loved me the way you did.
I can't..
I can't be your only world.
I'm not enough for you.

I still want to accomplish a lot in my life.
Weren't you the one who pushed me..
to reach my dream?
Until when is it gonna be like this?
I'm still loving you.


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