Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Exam mode

Examination mode is activated. Guess what? Tomorrow will be my first paper and yet I still laying in my bed. I'm really need my mood. No motivation. No mood. Everything is NO. I wonder, how in this world to make me so motivated?

 Exam is killing me

A picture speaks a thousand words

Anyone can help me with counseling? It's too bored to read. I like pictures. A picture speaks a thousand words. Help! Help! Anyone? I'm begging for mercy. Why the word examination exist? Who created exam? Nah, exam still exam. I need to pass.  The keyword for this matter is "STUDY".


CinoiLavigne said...

Ui bahaya ni 1 day b4 exam xda mood. Jgn la baca. Tukar nota2 bacaan kau tu kpd gmabr2 yg lbh menarik.

Gitu la aku dulu. Nota yg pnjang2 aku tukar jd gambar rajah. If ada byk masa boleh la buat.

Fuze said...

Haha.. sy tidak rajin mo bt nota ni..

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