Saturday, October 08, 2011

Happiness till Sleepiness

I'm rocking my world. Start with happiness and end with sleepiness. It's hard to make everyone happy. At least I'm happy. Joyful Friday. Started with Steamboat at Kg. Nelayan and ends with hang out at Jesselton Point.

I'm full. Totally full. Seafood, sushi, fruits and so on. Just only three of us. Eat all you can. Just eat... and eat... and eat... non-stop.

Sang for get rid the stressfulness. I hope that my voice can't summon the rain. I know that my voice not suit for singing. But, it was fun actually.

Punching activities kinda fun. Put all my problem in one point. That is my punch.

Hang out:
Hang out at Jesselton Point with breezy wind. Very cold. Yet fun. Talking to the moon. Hear the whisper of the wind.

At last, the time shows that it was 2.30 in the morning. Night still young yet my eyes keep me away from everything. So, we decided that we need to go back.


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