Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Girls and haircut

Want a haircut that fits your face shape and your personality? Find out what looks good on you and see what haircut fits your personality.

Things to be ponder around. Think before you act because sooner or later, you will regret what you have done. Think carefully. This doodle is sadly true, for me at least, but luckily it’s temporary. I always come around to loving a haircut, whether it’s subtle or drastic. How about you? Do you usually hate your hair post-cut? This goes also to the boys.

Guess what? Every decision you make, there is consequence. Thinks wisely. Ask someone opinion. Maybe your decision will change everything. Do not act before you think. It's kind of stupid mistake. There is a lot of people have problem in making decision.



hahaha..memang betul.
ramai kawan2 i mcm tu.
ptong rambut then menyesal yg bukan2.
btw nice entry

AdLiNa said...

comel plak kartun tu.hehee :D

DoRa Priscilla said...

haha.. sllu bgtu kan.. sy pun :P

lilies.john said...

haha.. sy pun slalu gitu... but then datang semangat mo kasi pjg rambut.. he he

Ellye Evangelista said...

paling btul ni...sa slalu bgitu...wuuuuu

Amanda Gaby Peter said...

haha..sy mmg x ska ni pnjg rmbt..

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