Sunday, October 16, 2011

Friday night... Saturday... Sunday.. and now Sunday night...

Friday night... Saturday... Sunday.. and now Sunday night... Totally busy right now. Updating my files, doing some revision for the Application in Mathematics, cleaning my room and so on. I'm so relax on Saturday. Filled my day with sleeping. And I don't want to touch any of my work. Crazy and lazy. I can't resist the power of the bed.

Sunday morning, went to the church, having lunch and watching Real Steel in cinema. Great movie for me. And now doing my work. It can't be done early. I don't know why. This laziness killing me. Killing me slowly.

Doing some revision giving me a headache. I don't know which part is important. I'm really lame and sometimes I can call myself as stupid. Because I'm not paying any attention in the class. I do love Maths but as I said, laziness kill me slowly. See you later, my blog, I want to continue my revision and do something that undone.

The doodle really... really suit with me right now. Don't do last minute work or else you will meet the dead end. The end.


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