Monday, November 14, 2011

Last paper

Few more hours. Calm. You can do it. That's the magic word that I always use to make myself calm. Maybe... Can't guarantee at all at least it works for me. Application in Mathematics, one of the tough paper that I ever sit for examination. Syllabus taken from different university and combined it to be one subject for a future teacher. Are they out of their mind?

Before implement something like this, they should try it by themselves. So that, they know how difficult this paper could be. It's too late to say that. Right now, in front of my laptop and studying this stuff really killing me. Thanks to God because He helps me a lot.

This will my last paper for my first ever Degree. Happy and sad. I'm leaving the college sooner or later. All the best.


MyOlie Sky said... jeles o..last paper sda. wuwuwu..
anyway,Do the best & let God do the rest. :) GBU

Mixhedryanson said...

Bukan setakat last paper. Final semester lagi.

Mr. Rocco said...

syok tu last paper n final year kan??

~NiZa Maksit~ said...

uuuuuuuuu sioknya abis exam sudahhhhh..sioknya mkn gaji..blnja sy nnt ar! hahaha
sy kasi doa ko postng d kgau. huahuahua :P

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