Saturday, November 26, 2011

Every ending is a new beginning

It's been a long time since my last post. Every ending is a new beginning and I just finish my study a few days ago. Sad. Happy. Dull. Different feeling coming in and out. With this, I need to open up a new chapter of life. A beginning of something new. Something different. A life of a teacher. Novice teacher to be accurate.

If you don't ever remember anything else in your life, remember this:


Life is what you make it, and even though circumstances may cause you to believe that an end is near, one must believe and keep a positive mindset knowing that a new beginning is actually taking place. When one door is closing in your life, one must believe that God is closing this door in order to open up more doors for him or her in the future.

Though it may seem as though you are down on your luck, and as if life is throwing too challenging of circumstances at you, you must be willing to go toe to toe with them until something happens. Never give up, there are no endings, there are only new beginnings, the only thing in life that can stop you is yourself. Remember to keep your head held high, and to never allow the hope you have inside of you to die.
I will never give up. This is my life. The path that I already choose from beginning. I don't want to running away like coward. I will try my best to educate people.


ndrieya xandra said...

good luck mix. take this chance to explore new world.. May God bless you always. don't forget to pray. He always help you when you need. :)

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