Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend but not weekend

Wow. Look at the clock. It was 1:40 am. This week weekend totally horrible. And I don't call it weekend. There are many things I need to settle before holiday. Saturday, need to do gadget. Pioneering. Stilt tower. I just can help a bit only because I'm noob went it comes to knot and lashing.  From morning to afternoon. Took my lunch at 4.00 pm. Nice right?

After that, preparing myself for church. We went to Sacred Heart. Sunset mass. Start at 6.00 pm and finish around 7.00 pm. My friends went to Kota Kinabalu but me alone went back to the hostel because there is a thing a need to do. Thanks to the God.

Sunday comes. Doing assignment about Archimedes. Area of a circle. How to get the formula? How did the formula form? That's the questions that coming from my brain. After doing some research I do find that formula of circle comes from rectangle. Need to transfer the information into PowerPoint. Because we need to present it. Quite complicated.

My weekend full with activities. But it is not fun at all. Busy... busy... busy... But it paid off. Hopefully. Good night.


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