Saturday, May 12, 2012

If they don't appreciate you they don't deserve you

"If they don't appreciate you they don't deserve you."

If any person that you give your time, effort, and energy to doesn't act like they appreciate you, they don't deserve for you to give your time, effort and energy to them. Don't be bothered with those who wont receive from you. As in the parable of the sower, there are just some people who will never allow for him or her to receive any thing from anyone else. Some soil or people will never be able to let go and humble their selves enough to receive anything from any person, including you.

Don't get discouraged, because there are many others who need help as well. Sometimes we may be able to effectively inspire a whole nation of people that we aren't close to, but not be able to touch who needs it the most and is closest to us. This is just how life works in some instances. We have to choose to let go of the things in life that are slowing our progression and the progression of the people who we are missing out on blessing.


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tak semua orang tahu untuk menghargai.

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