Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Someone taking your love for granted

"Dear friend, you are not a boomerang; therefore once he throws you away you shouldn't come back. Don't take a u-turn. You are a Frisbee. Once he/she throws you away, you stay and wait for someone special to pick you up. Stay on the one-way road. Love, someone who cares."

When someone is willing to throw your love away without a care in the world, and then promptly tries to assume the relationship that they had with you like nothing ever happened, something is wrong, and chances are it would be a bad idea in accepting them as a relationship partner again. As this passage states, no one should be treated as a boomerang that can be tossed away and accepted back into someone's hands when they feel as though they are ready. 

We are all actually quite special, and if someone doesn't recognize that losing you could be one of the worst mistakes that they could ever make in their lives then they probably don't deserve a second chance. Only you and your heart can determine what is best for you, and who and what to allow in and out of your life, but always try to remember that if a person wants to be in a relationship with you, they must handily recognize your beautiful uniqueness, and should never take your love for granted.

Sometimes I take this kind of love for granted. I forget what a blessing and a gift it is. Other times I nearly reject this love because I doubt the sincerity of its source or realize how undeserving I am. Why would someone see all these faults, all these mistakes, all these cumbersome traits … and love me anyway?


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Aemy Shamy said...

me too...sometimes i take it for granted, i forget how special it's supposed to be. well, aren't we the saddest creatures on earth who make so many mistakes? huuhuu...

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